Alert husband: husband’s role during wife’s pregnancy

husband's role during wife's pregnancyPregnancy puts enormous physical and mental stress for expectant mothers. Fetal development, hormonal and body shape changes are few to name. In this phase the husbands shall engage more to the process. To cite studies results, expectant mothers who were accompanied by their husbands during labor were less likely to experience post partum blues than those who didn’t.

Husband’s presence during childbirth also contributing in shortening labor, relaxing the wife, that reduce labor pains as well as rectal bleeding risks. This will also benefit the babies whom recording better APGAR score (initial examination for newborns, covering appearance (skin color), pulse (heart rate), grimace (reflex response), activity (activity), respiration (breathing) and have better health.

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Scabies and its treatment

Scabies and its treatmentScabies is a contagious skin disease (caused by scabiei mites) transferred from one person to another. It’s usual to find it contracted by the whole family when a family member carries it home. The common symptom of the patients is itching, especially at night. If the whole family contract to scabies, there will be a scratching ritual. A patient may called it “playing guitar” to illustrate rhythmic scratching like playing the instrument.

Sarcoptes scabiei
Sarcoptes scabiei is white, tiny and oval transparent mite. Female mites size up to 0.3 to 0.4 mm, while the male only half of the females. Outside human skin, the mites can only survive for 2-3 days at room temperature and 40-80% humidity. Sarcoptes scabiei of hominis variant is the most found in our environment. Continue reading

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Controlled Hypertension to Curb Stroke

Damage from high blood pressure

Damage from high blood pressure

Hypertension has to be one of the cold blood killers. Asymptomatic in nature, the condition could lead to deadly diseases, such as heart failure, stroke, and/or kidney problems.

If you worrying about your higher or lower blood pressure, just put more attention to the tolerance limit. In general, there are two components of the blood pressure, i.e. systolic pressure (higher number) and the diastolic pressure (lower number) which directly linked to the heart activity, which causing pressure on the walls of arteries or blood vessels. Higher blood pressure is a condition when such a pressure is greater than that required to maintain constant blood flow.

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Kenali Cermin Dua Arah dengan Tips Sederhana

Banyak dari kita yang sering mengabaikan cermin yang menggantung atau menempel di dinding. Namun sebenarnya kita, khususnya wanita perlu berhati-hati dengan cermin, apalagi cermin yang terpasang di kamar penginapan atau pun di toilet umum karena cermin dua arah sangat sulit dibedakan dengan cermin biasa. Continue reading

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Nokia Lumia 920

Kehadiran Nokia seri Lumia seakan membangkitkan kejayaan masa lalu. Smartphone yang mengusung system operasi Windows Phone dirasa akan mampu bersaing melawan berbagai aplikasi dari Android yang lagi marak di pasaran. Salah satu seri terbarunya adalah Nokia Lumia 920. Simak ulasan review Nokia Lumia 920 berikut ini: Continue reading

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